Crypto News: March 1, 2021

BTC Daily Price Coinbase Pro: recovery in progress, number going up

US Federal Reserve Chair Indicates that Significant Progress on the Digital Dollar will be Made in 2021 (read more at CoinGeek).

Microstrategy (MSTR) Buys Another $15 Million of Bitcoin (BTC) for a total holding of 90,859 BTC (read more at Reuters)

Rakuten to Accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for Purchases Through Rakuten Pay App (read more at Coindesk)

Goldman Sachs Reopens Cryptocurrency Trading Desk After 3-Year Hiatus (read more at Coindesk)

Google Finance Adds Crypto Tab (read more at Entrepreneur)

Inner Mongolia (China) Will Restrict Crypto Mining by April 2021 (read more at CoinTelegraph)

Cardano (ADA) Now Multi-Asset Blockchain, Users Can Create Tokens on Cardano Blockchain (read more at Coindesk)



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